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WhatsApp not sending or receiving media on Mega2 since 22nd July

(Topic created on: 29-07-2021 02:09 AM)
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Re: Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 using Android 4.4.4 not being able to send or receive media using WhatsApp


To run through what I have tried to solve the problem of media not being sent or received by Whatsapp since 22nd July.
Uninstalled and Reinstalled Whatsapp - no success
Blocked wifi and used Mobile data network - no success
Contacted my phone provider Three and ran through tests on phone with them - no success
Contacted WhatsApp help and tried their suggestions - no success
Reset phone and reinstalled WhatsApp - no success
Flashed original stock image from Samsung with Android 4.4.4 then only installed WhatsApp nothing else - no success
Tried a different ISP outside - no success
On sending from another phone to my Mega 2 phone the 2 ticks on the send phone would show blue even though on the receiving Mega2 phone it would have a blurred image with over writing saying "Unable to download please try again later"

After all this troubleshooting I am led to believe the problem is with WhatsApp or the servers it uses.

Then, while I was trying it once again on Monday testing between the Samsung Mega2 phone and my other phone it suddenly sent an image through. I realised that I had pressed the retry 5 times before it finally sent. It was then working for an hour or so before it stopped again.

When it had stopped working I tried again to send and yes, if i kept pressing the retry button it would always send on the 5th try and also then be able to receive media.

It would continue to be able to send and receive through WhatsApp for a limited time perhaps an hour or two. It seems to stop after a random time.

I have now tried this approach several times when it has stopped sending media and every time, if I then press the retry button 5 times it starts to send again for a short time.

This again makes me believe the problem is with WhatsApp or their servers as there is nothing but the stock image on my phone and WhatsApp. But WhatsApp say it is a phone problem

Can anyone help me with this problem. Although my other phone, a Samsung Note 7 Edge, is unaffected, I do not believe I can be the only one having this problem since the 22nd July.

Thank you.


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Android KitKat is end of life and as such there's nothing that can really be done to fix this. WhatsApp cannot logically be expected to support end of life Android that is no longer maintained by Google. Stop using the old Mega 2 for Social Media apps if you can avoid doing so. WhatsApp won't be alone in not providing app updates for it
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Thanks for your reply. I understand the problem I have, but I just am annoyed that no one accepted responsibility for it stopping to work correctly and cost me a lot of time trying to fix it. I complained to WhatsApp again and this time they replied with "We are aware of this issue and it will be fixed on next update". So it was their problem.

I feel I can't be the only person in the world that still has a phone working on OS 4.4.4 and also believes that a phone that costs so much, £300 in my case, it should be useful for longer than 6 years.  I do not believe in changing things after a year or two just for the sake of doing so, unless there is a very good reason.

Samsung is the company that should be responsible for this waste of technology. I purchased that phone in 2015 and only was given one update for the OS from Samsung and that was 6 months after I purchased it. Android 4.4 up to 4.4.4. Surely companies should be legislated by the countries they market in to support their devices for more than 1 year!  This thread can now be closed as WhatsApp have accepted responsibility and hopefully will fix it.

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