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Welcome to Watch on Samsung Free!

(Topic created on: 30-04-2021 09:13 AM)
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If you don’t already know about Samsung Free it is our fantastic entertainment centre, bringing you everyday essentials like news and instant access gaming.

And now we’re so happy to be able to announce the latest enhancement to the Samsung Free experience, free and premium TV content in the Watch tab.


What is Watch on Samsung Free?

Using the Watch tab on Samsung Free, we’re offering 90+ channels worth of content from ‘Samsung TV Plus’, our OTT (over-the top) service from the Samsung TV range. (This will be available to users older than 14 only).

We want to bring the amazing experience of Samsung TV Plus to mobile and have optimized the content to bring the best experiences. And there is a reason for the app’s name – it’s shared with you for free  😀.


How do I access Watch on Samsung Free?

There are three simple steps to access Watch on Samsung Free

  1. Launch Samsung Free by swiping right from the Home screen on most Galaxy devices
    • For Galaxy S21 and above to have access in a single swipe you’ll need to set your -1 Home page manually (see the Q&A at the bottom of this article) or open the app from your app tray
    • For device before Galaxy S21, if Samsung Free does not load when swiping right see the Q&As at the bottom of this article.
  2. Tap the ‘Watch’ tab at the bottom of the screen to get started
  3. Once you have launched the Watch tab, the live programme on the player will start playing automatically with the sound off and captions on.


Using the video player in the Watch tab on Samsung Free

There are 3 content playing modes to Watch:

  • Basic Top player mode
    • While you are in Watch using the Samsung Free app your video will play while you make your selections
  • Pop-up player mode
    • Continue watching while you browse the internet
  • Full screen mode
    • Get immersed in the content

The video player offers all the navigation tools you need at your fingertips like the programme information, a progress bar, Play/Pause button, Sound on/off.

You can customize your viewing using the Settings cog to configure video quality and subtitles


How do I select my programmes using Watch on Samsung Free?

The Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) is your go-to space for choosing programmes to watch. It shows all programming from 30 mins backward in time and 4 hours 30 mins forwards so you can plan your viewing.

  • Find a programme you’re in the mood for by using the Category filter under the video
  • By creating a category master to apply the categories you are interested in (and remove ones that you are not). This will become your automatic view of the EPG but can always be customized again.   
  • Keep your favourite channels at your fingertips by using the Star button
  • The Recents button in the category menu will take you to recently accessed channels
  • Make sure that you don’t miss a programme by setting up reminders on reserved programmes using the Reservation feature.

Detailed information about the channel and programmes is available as you tap further into the app from the overview guide to the channel listing and then programme listing


When is Watch coming to Samsung Free?

Watch for Samsung Free will arrive in an update to the Samsung Free app from 3rd May 2021. You’ll see this in the settings of Samsung Free or by looking for app updates on Galaxy Store. For more information about Samsung free check out our website. 

  • S21 users can choose between Google Discover and Samsung Free.
  • It is also available for users who are not yet using Samsung Free.
  • For Bixby home/Samsung Daily users, please click the three dots on the right side within the service after 3 May and refer to the Notifications section.
  • If you haven’t experienced Samsung Free yet, please remember to swipe from left to right on your phone’s home screen!

To enjoy the Watch tab, go to (the opening of Watch tab may take about 24 hours since user's last visit to Samsung Free)

Question and Answers

How do I set up the -1 Home page to Samsung Free?

The -1 Home page allows you to access content with one swipe right. If you’re using a Galaxy S21 or above, you can choose between Google Discover and Samsung Free in your -1 Home page and you can have access to Samsung Free in your app tray. 

  1. Long press an empty space on your Home screen
  2. Swipe right
  3. Select Samsung Free

When swiping right on the Home screen of my device before Galaxy S21, Samsung Free does not load. How do I fix this?

If you have previously switched off the -1 Home page, it’s really simple to switch back on! If you’re on a device before the Galaxy S21 you need to have this activated to access Samsung Free. On these devices, there is no version in the app tray and this is the only way to access the content. 

  1. Long-press an empty space on your Home screen
  2. Swipe right
  3. Toggle on Samsung Free

Let us know what you think about Watch on Samsung Free in the comments below!

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Any live football
I've got a black and white 55in samsung TV. 🤣
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Not great
Do people have time to watch TV, when they are glued to tiktok
It's a pity it's not available on my new tab A7.
People are telling the truth about the app lok
I've found it OK, but that is it, just OK.
Needs more relevant channels and progs...but it's free so not grumbling too much as I have faith lol, that Samsung will add more and more as time passed, but hopefully before I get to old and die!!! PMSFL
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First Poster