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Warranty Repair Advice

(Topic created on: 25-12-2021 09:35 PM)
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Hi all I'm not sure what to do.

I have a Samsung S20 5G Ultra the very first Samsung from my move from the whole Apple ecosystem.

I have been extremely happy with the move so far until a hardware fault has left me deciding if I should go back or not.

So recently the loud speaker got extremely tinny especially when on certain ringtones and watching videos so I decided to find out about warranty repairs and was surprised that I had a two year warranty. 

While I was on the repair site online I decided to get the camera checked as it hasn't been taking the best photos with jumpy focusing but that could just be me expecting too much.

Anyway I sent my phone off expecting a 5day turn around after the first week I called the repair centre directly to get an update where I was told it still hadn’t been looked at because of Covid.

Today I decided to call again as it had now been 14 days and no email updates where I was told that my phone has “just this second” been looked at and yes the speaker has an issue and also there is an issue with the camera so that also needs replacing.

What came next was my issue, there is apparently a hairline crack on the glass of the camera lens that isn’t visible to the naked eye but because of this it is classed as misuse and the whole warranty is now void and It doesn’t matter that the camera lens is at the top and the speaker is at the bottom it’s now doesn’t have any warranty.

My repair bill is now £200 and I’m guessing +VAT

I totally disagree with the way this has gone it seems like any excuse to get out of the warranty will be used. I'm left wondering if this is the norm and also wondered if this is Samsung policy or are the repairers just trying to see if they can get away with charging for each repair? I know 100% Apple wouldn’t have acted like this.

I will also post this message on social media too but would like to see if I get any advice on here.

I have refused to pay and now await the return of an un-repaired s20 which will apparently now take up to 5 working days to be returned so guess I will see it back in 7days.

I will be grateful of any advice or similar past experiences.

Samsung repair centre is the biggest joke ever I used it a few year ago still had the warranty with the phone I got it fixed it broke again then the repair centre said it has only got a 3 month warranty so to get it fixed again I would have to pay for it you get ripped off every way they can
Helping Hand
I know someone who sent in their S20 Ultra for trade in for the new Flip phones. Phone had all protective screen on, was in immaculate condition like new, never taken out of a case, but was told there was a crack which couldn't be seen by naked eye and this not getting the trade-in value they were expecting.
I think they'll try anything to get out of paying.

I had similar issue not with Samsung but a Pixel phone when went to trade-in at Game. They said headphone socket was faulty due to how I used headphones. Told them I only used wireless and another member of staff also told them it was down to the headphone cable the tester was using as they don't fit properly. Luckily I got full amount for trade-in, but recckon if I never questioned it I wouldn't have got anything.
That's disgusting! I'd take this to the media: BBC, Which etc. I'm thinking of sending mine off for a repair because it's awful. I've put up with the speakers suddenly getting quieter and tinny since the 2nd week but the camera has gotten worse with every update and I can't take it any more. Won't buy any Samsung device ever again if they don't fix it.
I have had that same problem with my zfold3 all as above but my folded screen started lifting away and stopped working on one side , ive been quoted £500 to fix it, for a £1700 phone this is disgusting, all my tech is samsung, ive spent thousands with Samsung over the years, im so annoyed that Samsung treat there customers like this, I will be going to trading standards, if everyone goes to trading standards with this issue they will have to listen at some point, I will be leaving bad reviews wherever I can about my treatment from Samsung and to be made out to be a liar, seems Samsung are getting away with wriggling out of fixing there dodgy tech. So basically don't use your tech as if it gets a minute scratch or blemish it will render your warranty null and void, so keep it in your box and don't use it just incase.