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Updated Samsung Cloud App, Now can't proceed W/o setting up 2 Step Verification

(Topic created on: 27-03-2020 06:02 AM)
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I went to use Samsung Cloud App tonight, And it required me to update it. (I tried to use it without updating the app, But It wouldn't let me.) When the update was finished I tried going on again, And then it said to proceed I have to set up the 2 Step Verification. I tried to just press cancel, But everytime I do the app crashes or kicks me out. Since It doesn't give me the option to use an Email Instead of a mobile phone for the 2 Step Verification, I don't want to set It up. For the main reason being If  I need to log in, And I don't have access to the Mobile phone I provided, Then I can't access anything. Does anybody know how to fix this or get around it for the Samsung cloud app? Thanks!!