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Transfer GPX files from my PC to my Galaxy s8

(Topic created on: 30-03-2021 12:33 PM)
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I use Memory Map app on my PC to plan and create cycling routes. I also have the same app on my Galaxy S8. I have tried various methods of sending the GPX files created, from the PC to the phone, with no success.

Memory Map say....."Android file association has always been unreliable, and it doesn't always work the way you expect it! It's very dependent on the device manufacturer, the app used to open the file, and the set-up of every other app installed on the device. It also depends on the configuration of the device sending the data, or the web site that you download it from. The reason is that Android primarily uses the MIME-type instead of the file extension".....

Any ideas please? Treat me gently, as I am not particulary experienced in this stuff. I had expected to save the created route as a GPX file from my PC and email it to the phone, where it could be logged into the mapping software. This has not worked so far.