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Summary or View of Mileage/Distance

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Is there a way to view miles walked in a summary view?  I track my step using my Samsung Active 2 and my phone. On the app I can see today's but I need to see every day.  

If not this really needs to added.  I left Fitbit, which by the way I could see everyday no matter how far back I went, to get the Active 2, if I had known this is feature is not available (or I can't find it) I wouldn't have purchased. 




I also lamented this missing feature on my Samsung Health app, and spent considerable time and energy back dating the version to a 5.7 version where the feature was still available ...  HOWEVER on the latest (June 2020) release I recently updated to, I found it! I just tap the "Steps" display in the middle of the main home page, which takes me to a screen with two tabs, "Track" and "Trend". Tapping on the "Trends" tab takes you to a display of your averages over time. Select "Days", "weeks" or "months" and it will display your avg daily steps, distance and calories burned! So glad they changed this back from the "average daily minutes" they used to show. Guess they finally figured out that nobody cares how many MINUTES they walked  ... Was anybody suprised that we want to know the distance!?!! lol


Kudos Samsung!

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