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Suggestions for future features in Samsung Reminders

(Topic created on: 04-05-2023 02:00 PM)
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My suggestions are that you can add multiple reminder dates to a reminder, so for example, you get reminded to do something today, then randomly again in 3 weeks then 2 weeks etc. It would be useful to be able to set multiple dates for a reminder. (If this is already possible, please can you show me how).

Also, it would be good if you could attach files of a wide variety to reminders such as a Word document, PowerPoint, PDF, Samsung notes etc. (Again, if this is possible please show me how).

@ConnorHugill: You can customise how frequently you receive a reminder during the setup stage, however there does need to be a tangible pattern.

To do so, open the Reminder app (bell icon) > Tap the '+' symbol in the bottom right > Set your reminder in the Memo field at the top of the screen > Time (toggle the switch to the right) > Set the date and time. Below the date and time, 'Don't repeat' will be the default setting. If you tap on this and select 'Every week', then you will notice that this changes to 'Every 1 week'. Tap on the number 1, and you can customise how frequently you receive the reminder. 

At the moment it is only possible to add images to your reminders via the picture symbol in the top right.