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Stolen bike recovered with SmartTag!

(Topic created on: 18-10-2023 04:05 PM)

I wanted to report that my bike was stolen in London from outside the gym. Three phones tracked the smart tag over the 45 minutes to an hour it was gone. One informed me it had just been tracked at the gym 10 minutes before I came out and found it missing. Then it showed up for a while at an address 1km away via another phone, and as I headed in that direction, another phone picked it up at a different location not far from there. As I walked towards that location, I started a Facebook Live stream as a form of protection. As I turned onto the street where it was tracked, I began to cross and a chap came riding down the sidewalk, hopping off the curb and heading right towards me, wearing my helmet! When he somewhat realized my attention was on him, he stood up to pedal harder and ended up crashing into me at slow speed. In the 45 minutes or so it was missing, he'd stripped the entire bike of all accessory mounts and my front basket. He also duct-taped the frame to make it silver! At first, I was on the ground, thinking I had the wrong bike since it was a different colour! But as he got up and ran off, he threw down my helmet. The front wheel was twisted out of alignment, so I couldn't give chase and I calmed down enough to be sensible. It was a stupid thing to do on my own, but I rely heavily on my bike and it would have been a huge financial blow to lose it. Many reasons, besides that, made me as desperate as the thief. I've sent all the information and video to the police, and I hope they'll investigate.

I'm quite happy  that SmartTag2 has just been launched.


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That's an amazing and so happy for you

I ordered the 4 pack of the smart tag 2 from the Samsung site and got 4 silicon covers free

Due in a couple of weeks
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@kel1kek  Glad the Smart Tag was so helpful  and that you recovered your bike, a bit of a tale!   You do need to be careful but glad it worked out :smiling-face:

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Well done, hope you ok, I fitted one to my bike sometime ago.
Regards Obsydian - (Car & Tech Evangelist)

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