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Smarthings casting isn't working as advertised in various documentation

(Topic created on: 12-09-2021 12:24 PM)
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I have recently bought a shiny new Samsung TV, and it's been great up until now.  Everything I've tried has worked first time and all the documentation and support has been right first time.

Everything was good until I wanted to watch the Crunchyroll app on my TV.  It turns out that this isn't supported and the work-around is to stream onto the TV.  Not a problem, I think.  This will be easy!

Two hours later... I have managed to set up streaming through my laptop.  Not one thing I have read about either streaming via Smarthings on my mobile, or via Windows normal sharing is connect.  The entire documentation around this can be best described as lies.  Oh yeah, and YouTube works perfectly, because why shouldn't it alone work perfectly when nothing else does *headdesk*

Where do I go to raise an issue about this (or check that it's been raised)?  I'm an IT professional (working on video streaming, ironically), so not clueless, and something is wrong, either with the software, documentation, or the UI that is preventing me from accessing what should be a straight-forwards thing that everyone and their dog tells me should work in well defined ways, but just doesn't.

Thanks for any help in advance

P.S.  I'm using a Google Pixel 4a 5g and a Samsung AU7100, if that matters