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Samsung Wearables does not want to download Spotify

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So Spotify is finally available in my country. (Slovenia) And now, that it is, i can finally use an app, which downalods songs directly on the watch. At least i think i could.


PROBLEM : I cant download the spotify app onto my watch. Everytime i try to do that, it shows the "loading screan" and does nothing. Literally nothing. Just that loading circle. And whats funny, that this is the only app that does not want to download.

I reseted the watch, i restarted the phone, i reisntalled the galaxy wearables app. And now im stuck, asking for help.

Are there any other instance to download the app onto my watch? Because i think thats bugged in the galaxy store.


If you need any more info, im here.


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Superuser II
Hi @ImAmadeus

Which phone do you use ?

Have a good day

I use Nokia 6

The watch is Samsung gear fit 2 pro



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