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Samsung UK: Samsung Pay Prize Draw: Thousands of Prizes on Tap


Figured I'd let you all know that if you're a UK-based Samsung Pay user, there's a sweet prize draw promo going on at the moment. :smiling-face-with-sunglasses:



  • One (1) x 55” QLED 4K Smart TV (55'' Q9F Flagship QLED 4K Certified Ultra HD Premium HDR 2000 Smart TV QE55Q9FNATXXU);
  • Four (4) x Samsung Galaxy Watch (SM-R810NZKABTU);
  • One-hundred (100) x Samsung Level Box Speaker (Slim Black – EO-SG930CBEGWW); and
  • Three-thousand (3,000) x 64GB Micro SDXC EVO Plus Memory Card (MB-MC64GA/EU)



You can enter the draw via the Samsung Pay app, and by making five successful Samsung Pay transactions between 00:01 (GMT) 8 March 2019 and 23:59 (BST) 3 May 2019.


Enter by: Samsung Pay > clicking into the 'Thousands of prizes on tap' promo on the Home, Pay or Promotions tabs in the app. Also available on Samsung Pay Gear.


Once entered, you'll receive a stamp each time you pay using Samsung Pay:


9.Screenshot_20190312-142341_Samsung Pay.jpg10.Screenshot_20190312-142533_Samsung Pay.jpg14.Screenshot_20190312-152530_Samsung Pay.jpg

Once you've collected all five, go to Vouchers to see your prize draw entry:


15.Screenshot_20190312-152708_Samsung Pay.jpg16.Screenshot_20190312-152717_Samsung Pay.jpg


Further details at the promo's Terms page here.


And let us know in this thread if you're one of the lucky winners! :trophy::white-medium-star:

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I wish TSB would support Samsung pay.  So that's me out of the game. 😥


Just read an article saying that UK banks dont use samsug pay at the moment but will do in the future , so not realy a fair competition that we are unable to join in.


Hi @Hackett 


I'd say you are able to join as long as you have a compatible device and a Samsung Account (the only requirements to register for Samsung Pay), but you will not be able to make the 5 transactions if you don't have a card registered and enter the prize draw.


There are a number banks who are eligible and you can always contact your bank to request Samsung Pay.


Hope this helps.



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I wish I had access to Samsung Pay 😞

Please find me a bank in the UK that is doing Samsung pay then I will swap banks . As I said not all UK banks areup to date with Samsung pay.

How can anyone register if your bank doesn't recognise Samsung pay. Please read before you comment
Not up too date

For those who are wondering, there's a list of which banks/cards/issuing partners are currently supported by Samsung Pay UK on the app's FAQ page here:thumbs-up-sign-emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type:

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Hi @AntS 

Thank you for the link - appreciated.


Hi @Hackett 


From AntS's link, I can see there are a number of card issuers supported, so if you want to, you know to what bank to switch :smiling-face-with-sunglasses: :

- American Express 
- Cornercard UK 
- Danske Bank 
- Engage 
- First Direct 
- John Lewis Finance 
- M&S Bank 
- Nationwide Building Society 
- Santander 
- Starling Bank 
- The Co-operative Bank 


I agree with you that not all banks support Samsung Pay, but as I said, you can always contact your bank to request them to enable Samsung Pay for you.


As I said in my previous post, to register for Samsung Pay you need:

a) A phone or a watch that supports Samsung Pay and is purchased from UK

b) A Samsung Account - you can use your Google email or any email address for that matter

c) To accept T&Cs


To register for this promotion, you need to click on the banner, Click Enter, Accept T&Cs (after you read & understand them) and you're registered for this promotion. 

IF you don't have any cards registered, you will be unable to make the 5 transactions required to enter the Prize draw.


I hope everything is clear now.



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