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Samsung Paymini unable to disable or unistall

(Topic created on: 14-11-2019 03:17 AM)
Anonymous User
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Sir, I am a user of Samsung Galaxy A50 6GB. I purchased it 3 weeks ago.  It's a wonderful instrument for that price. I am happy. I have a concern vis-a-vis the instrument and its usage. The phone came with a preloaded application Samsung PayMini. I do not use this for obvious reasons. But I observe that the application is consuming a very large amount of my battery; almost as the topmost consumer at times, but never less than the second one. I wrote on the issue to Samsung, had multiple technical sessions with their experts at the Tier II level, using their smart tutor to remote access my phone. They "force stopped" it several times. No one can uninstall this application neither can disable it. It's a pain in the wrong place, to say. For you to know, I purchased a Samsung M30S for my spouse within the last 8 days or on the day it was launched. Again it's a good instrument. That doesn't have this Samsung Paymini application preloaded. So it seems only Galaxy A50 only comes with this nonsense. Could you please suggest me how to get rid of the useless application and save my battery from draining. Other than the battery, I don't have an issue with this application. I shall be obliged for your kind assistance. Please note that I am not a technical expert but only a learned user. Thanks.

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