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Samsung Pay UK - Lloyds bank


Hi, I have got Samsung pay on my S8+ but my bank (Lloyds bank) is currently not "yet"supported. :smileysad:


Would anybody know if they will definately be supporting this?


If you going to use smart watch then Apple Watch is the best one to get.

Apple Watch supports Lloyds bank.

Google is advertising company so it's not same as Apple. 

Google sells your data and privacy  to 3rd party advertising.

1. I hate apple with a passion.
2. Apple are the biggest scammers with the tripe they sell.
3. We are on a Samsung Forum so we obviously want to use our samsung products.
4. The apple watch is garbage.
I love Samsung and Apple I have no problem using both. I love Customisation on Samsung phones, theme store, Good lock app.
Professional Tech reviews proof your talking Garbage. Your being Biased unfair. Better to be quiet if you have nothing to better to say.
If you say so then back your self up and bring some proof. Talk the talk and walk the walk.

I know it works on Samsung phone but i want it to work on Samsung watch as i now have LG phone 


You need Samsung pay if you want to pay with samsung watch it's a big boomer for me, just buy s10 and g watch active and I like to pay with my gadgets,  my wife laughs at me because she got apple watch and teasing me every time at shop.

I bought car tyres via contact less payment at one shop was, more than 300£, the same evening I cannot pay 31.29 via contactless at another shop :smiling-face:
This is my problem too! I love Google pay but I can't use it on my watch and Lloyds just doesn't want to integrate with Samsung pay which makes me very jealous on Apple watches!
Funny, as someone who has owned both brands (and still does) and has had both types of watches. I can safely say that apple love to get details from me. Want to visit the apple store? No problem once you've added a bank card to it. Android? You can just access it.

You are on a Samsung community forum? What response were you expecting. I don't trust apple as far as I can throw them.
Yeah, it's really annoying. I wish there were signs or some way of letting us know what the limit is at a store.

I voted with my feet in the end and moved to a bank that i i can use samsung pay and my Samsung watch. 

They asked reason for leaving i  just said i want to use Samsung pay you dont dont provide that service so im moving to someone that does

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