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Samsung Pay UK - Lloyds bank


Hi, I have got Samsung pay on my S8+ but my bank (Lloyds bank) is currently not "yet"supported. :smileysad:


Would anybody know if they will definately be supporting this?


Yeah me too, moved my business account to Santander, they use Samsung Pay just fine!! 


yes think I'll get a new watch that supports Google pay I lnow that works, and less hassle then changing Banks.

If you are in the UK, try Curve.


You don't need to switch banks and it ties many accounts to one card that you add to Samsung Pay.


I was reluctant to add something else to the mix but trust me, it works seamlessly and I would never go back. There was no need to move from my NatWest bank. Just add your card to Curve and spend.


Oh and Curve are the people behind the new Samsung Pay Card launching soon.


But not so garbage as galaxy watch active, I got it for free as a deal and I know now why is was for free, totally rubbish.


That's why I sold my Galaxy watch on EBay. 
I gived my Galaxy S20 Ultra to my mum the phone had advertising on Samsung stock apps not acceptable for a very expensive phone.

i moved to iPhone 11 and now waiting to get Apple Watch series 6 maybe after September 

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