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Samsung pay on gear s2










 Who else is getting sick of Samsung's excuses?


I wouldn't bother contacting Samsung. You'll get an anodyne boilerplate reply. I suspect we'll also be required (or at least be easiest) for each person to submit their own claim as pursuing class action probably more difficult. I ended up not pursuing as the hassle to chase whatever I paid didn't seem worth it in the end. That I said I feel strongly about corporate injustice so might just be bloody minded enough to pursue.

The irony is Samsung Pay lost now and miles away from Google Pay


Did this ever go any further.  Still p****d that I cant use my S2 with Samsung pay. 


No. I ended up selling the S2 and buying the galaxy watch.


Hi, I was successful in that Samsung agreeed that they had advertised the watch in the uk with Samsung Pay listed as a feature and it was something they couldn't get to work in the uk. I was only given £30 as I had used the watch for a while and it was only one feature of the watch.


There is a post (on this thread) with the evidence that I used for my discussions with Samsung, the one that mentions the watch being showcased at Westfields white city.


I did go to the ASA as well with the complaint but as the materials were old and the device is no longer advertised as having Samsung pay they were unable to help. 


Well done @Coleen for getting something back but very tight from Samsung. I think it was me who posted the white city showcase 🙂

Samsung are probably at it again with the new ecg feature on the Active 2. No guarantee this will ever feature in the UK as still needs approval. Wouldn't surprise me if it never sees light of day. Personally I've boycotted samsung goods as they have contempt for their customers 

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