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Samsung pay on gear s2










 Who else is getting sick of Samsung's excuses?


Think this is a great idea that we should all get on board with. Samsung have to have broken the rules under the trades description act. Be in treating to find out how many s2 were sold in the UK and then start reaching out through the forums to get people to add to the numbers. Even if as a s2 user you didn't use Pay. Samsung shouldn't be allowed to cheat people out of what they have paid for.


I absolutely agree, I bought this phone with that feature in mind as my Sony 3 smart watch did not have this option from the beginning. I do feel let down by Samsung. 


Same issue in Switzerland.

My first email to cs explained I bought the S2 for Samsung pay feature due to advertising.


Of course Samsung admits to be responsible to our products and advertisments, however this responsibility is limited to the laws of the country you live in.

In your specific situation the advertisement of the website of Samsung Switzerland correctly explains, that a Samsung Gear S2 is not compatible with Samsung Pay.

If you have misinformed yourself by mistake, Samsung can not be held responsible for this.

 My reply:

I disagree!.

Fllow your own website links as follows:

Samsung Switzerland Support (CH)

then click the information poster here:!topic/bedienung...

Please explain how I am mistaken by following the support page posted as 

Their reply:

The link you sent me refers to a website, which refers to the use of a Gear S2 classic in combination with a Samsung Galaxy S6/ S6 edge/ S6 edge+ or a Galaxy Note 5. On this website is explicitly mentioned, that only the preceding listed devices are compatible. Since you use a Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S8, a compatiblity is not given.


My reply:

I have an S8 but have also tried an s6. No sp in Gear S2 still.






Can you see how they change their stories over and over:

First S2 is not compatible.

Then I'm in wrong country

Then only an older s6 Is compatible.


I've given the evidence in the links of the mid advertising.

How can they argue I'm wrong?

I'm not familiar with consumer rights here in Switzerland but am gonna try my damnedest for refund or exchange for s model which works!

I await their reply tomorrow....




Q : Can I use the Samsung Pay feature using Gear S2 ?     

A : Because some features(ex. Samsung pay, Smart relay) are only available on Samsung smartphones, you cannot use Samsung Pay feature   if you connect the Gear S2 with non-Samsung mobile device.     
In case of Samsung mobile device, currently you can use Samsung Pay feature on your Gear S2 when connected with Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy Note5, Galaxy S6 Edge+ as to install Samsung Pay application is possible only on those devices.      
Samsung have being considered to support more compatible lists with Samsung Pay feature. And, some features (ex. Call, Message, e-mail, Schedule, Alarm, Music Player etc.) created by each manufacturer may have limited support and supported devices vary depending on your region, operator and device brand.





From UK link:







Please do contact the media. I ranted at Samsung too and got nowhere despite buying the phone at launch on the basis Samsung pay would be supported. Now, years later.. nothing with customers treated with contempt
Does anyone have any of the marketing available at the time of launch about Samsung Pay being supported / compatible for s2. I'm going to grab bull by the horns and talk to both trading standards and solicitor

I've been looking on way back machine and I've not found a mention of S Pay yet on the UK site for Gear S2. There is a caveat at the bottom of the page though relating to some S Health partners:


Services may vary depending on carrier and country.


I bet you'll find some weasely words on all of their S Pay material too. Having said that I'll still try to track something down. It's very frustrating knowing that the US and other firmwares are enabled and they've stopped supporting it in the UK despite still selling it on their own website

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