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Samsung Pass

(Topic created on: 17-12-2021 11:11 AM)
I'm a Samsung fan-boy! I'm a faithful supporter but Samsung Pass is beginning to really annoy me! Maybe I am doing something wrong? I'd appreciate any comments or a Samsung intervention would be appreciated!?

Why doesn't Samsung Pass work consistently all of the time?!? As a Password Manager, I'd expect that everytime I am try to login to an app or website to provide me the option to load my saved email and password, offer an option to do so and/or suggest a password if you don't already have saved info... Samsung Pass fails at these 3 points. No option for password suggestion which is annoying but not a deal-breaker for me. The worst is when you know you have login details saved and it doesn't recognise the app or website!? Then asks you to re-save the login information after you have typed it in knowing it's already saved in Samsung Pass!? 

I have Samsung Pass integrated into my Samsung Keyboard and for the most part, it works fine. Yet it isn't consistent. And consistency with a Password Manager is a must! I really don't think I'm missing anything so does anyone have the same experiences? ( my current device is the S21 Ultra 512gb fully updated to Android 12 with the latest security updates installed...)
Auto-filling login credentials is what I'm referring to. It just doesn't recognise when I need it to...? Any suggestions would be appreciated; my phone is updated btw😊
I've noticed the same. ie it has login details for my idmobile app it will forever remember that app but if I launch the browser it won't. it used to or as you started typing it would popup with passwords. however i believe this was removed because on some fields you could get passwords pasted in and it would then make them visible so probably a semi protection. but imo its more hassle than a help