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Samsung Pass unusable

(Topic created on: 01-05-2022 03:28 PM)
First Poster

After reading about the s22 Ultra, I decided to come to  Samsung after being a OnePlus user for the past 8 years. I'm starting to think I made a mistake. 

For me ease of use is a big deal, but all these Samsung OS apps are counterintuitive and hard to switch to. Specifically Samsung pass is unusable.  Without an option to import  passwords from the Google Password Manager, why would anyone use it? In many situations I used the GPM to create my passwords. It would take me days, if not weeks to enter all my passwords manually, one by one. It's beyond frustrating that there's an Import Data option in Samsung Passes menu, but it simply will not work. 

If I wanted a device that couldn't provide me with an accessible entry point or a way to transfer my data from my previous phone, I would have bought an Apple. 

I've looked and looked for an easy solution to this issue,  but this is my last resort. One thing I loved about Oneplus is its community of helpful users and developers. I'm hoping someone here can help me and change my mind about regretting switching.