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Samsung mission to upset enthusiasts.

(Topic created on: 08-03-2021 10:43 AM)
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I currently have S20 Ultra 5g. I record videos in 4k and my 512gb memory gets eaten up so I rely on SD cards to transfer my videos or to offload.

I notice that once again like the S6 Edge you removed the SD Card slot. This seems to be another silly move. 

You claim to give us good cameras and then you inconvenience them storing their videos and then forcing people to subscribe to Samsung cloud so you can squeeze more money out of them, not to mention forcing people take out heavy data contracts with their mobile operators. 

You are not including a charger and so for those upgrading from older phones like my partner on S9. Legacy hardware means people are staryiny to become disadvantaged. I doubt this move is a 'concern for environment' - when the serious Samsung enthusiasts choose to buy Samsung Genuine accessories as well as look at the 21 Ultra with keen eye who know exactly what they want. A geek like me..

Dear Samsung I am officially divorcing you, next time I upgrade I will look elsewhere, it's been nice knowing you. If I have to face no expandable storage then looks like the iPhone may be the better option for me afterall. 

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one of the reasons I kept my s10+ ... sd card is a must @ 1tb and with the phone been a + then I also have 1 tb in internal memory
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speaking of "concern for the environment" I've realised that them removing the power brick and earphones has actually made me purchase them seperatly in much larger packaging.

I hope they make an SD version of each phone as well as non SD like how consoles have made disc & digital only
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This  has been explored in other threads previously, obviously there are commercial factors at play  but Chargers are being removed also due to environmental reasons  whilst there are arguments on  just how big the impact is. Many consumers will not really need a charger and benefit  from a more competitive price.

I realise removing SD  cards  slots is not universally popular but still possible to use an adapter  and the focus nowadays is more on cloud storage.  In a sense SD cards are older technology  and some not a fan of them , whilst some consumers have encountered errors.  see more here      Hopefully  Samsung and other companies will provide bigger internal storage in the future too .

I do not work for Samsung or make Samsung Products but provide independent advice and valuable contributions.

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