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Samsung Linux on Dex Galaxy Tab S6 availability


Does anyone know as to when the 'Linux on Dex' will be available on Galaxy Tab S6? I looked at the Galaxy store and the Play Store but I did not find anything. Also I downloaded the 1.0.51 beta version from APKMirror but when I started it told me that the device was not compatible and shut down. 


Купил Samsung tab s6  только из-за Linux on Dex. Спасибо Samsung.

ps: I bought Samsung tab s6 only because of Linux on Dex. Thanks Samsung.

If Samsung are no longer going to work on Linux on Dex could you please open source all aspects of it so they can work on it to add android 10 support and support to newer devices like note 10 range and Tab S6  as I have both and so do many users of this community. please can you also pass this message on to the powers that be at Samsung.

Just attended SDC and chatted with a DEX team member. Apparently Sansung decided to not enable specific kernel modifications needed to support Linux on Dex. It is very dissapointing. While most consumers are not going to care about Linux on DEX this is a what makes Galaxy unique for developers and at the end of the day developers are the ones that push the Galaxy ecosystem. From my perspective there is nothing in Android 10 that trumps Linux on Dex so I won't be upgrading. I hope that Samsung figures this out and provides an update to support this in the future.

@gabiz Did you mean Google (instead of Samsung) decided  not to enable specific kernel modifications (my assumption is for Android)? If they (DEX team) are blocked by that decision (kernel modifications) and Samsung (another department, responsible for the main Android kernel) is responsible for that decision then this is bad.  

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Samsungs rep's came into my store last week, discussing their normal stuff. How well is Pixel 4 selling over s10/note, how well is 3a selling over a20 etc. I got into the discussion with them about the tab s6 / note series supporting LOD due to reading this forum. One of my original reasons why I purchased the tab s6 is because this same representitive came in a few months back and told me about LOD beta and that the tab s6 WAS IN FACT GOING TO INCLUDE LOD. Well, she told me what you have all already been told. She said she thinks the reason Sammy has done this is because with their release of the upcoming Galaxy Book series and worrying the tab would budge into that market and hurt sales of those laptops. Well, the main reason why I even got my tab s6 was because of this feature. I have always preferred Linux over Windows. It's a big bummer cause I could have just gone with a Surface Pro and switched to Linux on that, but I'm so invested into the Samsung ecosystem ( s10+, galaxy buds, gear s3 frontier, and now tab s6 ). It seems pretty messed up to not support it with the tab s6 tho. Don't get me wrong, you can get alot of work down with Dex mode, but honestly it's not enough to just use Android with a different configuration. Now I'm going to have to either get a Surface Pro or wait until the GalaxyBooks are released in the next couple months. Bad move on your part Samsung. You have a really big iPad Pro competitior, and would have blown them out of the water with that exact feature. Especially since they just updated their iPad OS into more of a desktop experience. Unfortunately, I financed my tab s6 thru Verizon, and cannot pay off early for 6 months. Such a bummer.


LOD opensourced ? unprobable as it does not go in their business plan.

I am going to root this unit and never buy samsung again

I'll ensure no one else in my family does either.

samsung, f**** you

and bye bye

I suggest to everyone here to root their tabs

using this tutorial



this will void your warranty; but who cares; this tablet is a 700 euro pointless garbage without the promises that were delivered by samsung ...LOD... who needs a 10 inch phone with 4 cores and 8b RAM ? no one uses their android device like this


so this is the only thing we got left....

I will try to port Ubuntu touch to the tab s6 and will post here if success is met

Well, I already rooted my device long ago. I mean you could not even restore my apps without it propely. 

Indeed you might need a lot of time and a some IT background at some point to make everything work as you would....

I'm fine with it, I will loose hours and hours to have a Linux desktop PostmarketOS / Ubuntu Touch or other dual booting (SD or SSD), no choice 😞 at least the bootloader seems flashable

I suggest you go post on appropriate rooting forums for your issue.


but yes it could have been out of the box if samsung just delivered what they promised;


PS Dex mode sucks af... does not even comes close to windows 3.1

Just created an account just to vent out my frustration on this recent bad news. I've been following this forum before I got a Tab S6. At the time, I really thought they'd add LoD support for it. I mean, they added support for the barely capable Tab S5e. And that's what exactly angers me. They were able to add support for that and not this device?! I felt a rug has been pulled from under me. I went through a lot of trouble just to get a Tab S6 and one of the biggest reasons I pushed through it was because of LoD. Then I find out they're ending the beta and even going out of their way to remove support from the next Android OS version -- without even giving an official statement on why they're doing this?! It hasn't been a year and they're dropping it. Something that could've given them a leg up against the competition. And for what, the possibility of their mobile devices cannibalizing sales from their notebook line? Clearly, they don't understand how their markets think.


Because of this, I'm also swearing off of Samsung devices from now onwards. Had I known this ahead of time, I would've gotten (the still expensive) Tab S4 with 6 GB of RAM. In fact, that tablet's value just increased over this because it can run LoD, in my opinion. Samsung deserves a huge backlash for this decision. Unfortunately, LoD is quite niche, especially with DeX being only available on limited devices. What a waste. I really hope someone gets to hack LoD. The least Samsung should do is release the source code. Like that would ever happen with the way they think.

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