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Samsung Linux on Dex Galaxy Tab S6 availability


Does anyone know as to when the 'Linux on Dex' will be available on Galaxy Tab S6? I looked at the Galaxy store and the Play Store but I did not find anything. Also I downloaded the 1.0.51 beta version from APKMirror but when I started it told me that the device was not compatible and shut down. 


Well that sucks.

Wish I would have known that before I bought a Tab S6, because I certainly would not have purchased it then.

Probably will never purchase any more Samsung products.


Unfortunately yes @heitorzc it seems that LoD has been discontinued and invalidated for Android 10, thats unfortunate and really bad (another reference/article of the cancelation: I am writing this from my Samsung Tab 6, which today has been degraded (one of the most promised features of the device has been cancelled) . I have been a customer of Samsung in the past (Note, tab etc devices) and also I have been OK with their slow updates and some other mishups eg had to return my Note 7, but this for me is unnacceptable and I am not sure if I can buy a product or trust them again (supporting their devices). It is most important that the software and customer service reflects the hardware available , the hardware is not the main part of the platform but the services on that platform are. I wish them well but I cannot really follow them in that journey. 

Same here,


I bought the Tab S6, if i had known the Linux On Dex would be shut down  even if it was not available  (i found out the hard way)  , i would probably not have purchased it.Ok it was never available on the Tab S6 or Note 10 series


Well done Samsung, i will  probably never preorder another product from you, it is just too risky.


I have  and using LoD on my S10+ so when i will upgrade to Android 10, i will lose it for good..


Remove also gear vr support with android 10 it will just make my day.

same here I am so annoyed they have got rid of a feature  that I used all the time on my s9+. Now I have a Note 10+  5G and a Tab S6 and so I could still use it. well done Samsung you have just lost a customer

Samsung should release Linux on Dex as an open source. The developer community could take care of it permanently and provide more updates and support for different Linux distributions. 

I agree that's a great idea. could Samsung admins pass this good idea to the powers that be at Samsung

It is already open source. The main part is in kernel, which is here

Apk is not open source, so yeah, that could be a good thing.

Can you @Balling please  provide us with the exact link (source code, maybe github/or git repository) as I went to the website ( and could not find any references for the LoD kernel. Thanks

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When I applied for an Android 10 beta tester and was using it, I had a problem with the Linux on Dex not running. As a result of contacting the customer center, I received the following response:

Hello, I'm in charge of beta testing.

Thank you for taking part in the beta test. This is to inform you that there are no plans to commercialize this issue as the project is closed.

Please excuse me for this.

Thank you for your valuable opinion.


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