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Samsung Linux on Dex Galaxy Tab S6 availability


Does anyone know as to when the 'Linux on Dex' will be available on Galaxy Tab S6? I looked at the Galaxy store and the Play Store but I did not find anything. Also I downloaded the 1.0.51 beta version from APKMirror but when I started it told me that the device was not compatible and shut down. 


Doesn't work.  I get an error message saying my device is not supported.




@Cassidy007 wrote:

Hi everybody, please read this article but don't forget Galaxy Tab S6 does'nt exist when it was wrote...but it should works on your tablet.(maybe hou have to change some settings in Development options mode (sorry for my english)


One thing you need to know, Linux on Dex need 4 gigs of Ram to




obviously it won't walk but if you will crack APK and delete check it will work

@Isurus65, did you try to install it from the Sammobile link :


Download , read carefully


Bailing Explorer, if you want to play around open the APK and there are some shell scripts that you can use in the assets, if you can reassemble the package and make it work in the Tab S6 that's fine. You will have to reassemble the APK though unless you can make sure that the MD5 checksum is the same, as most of the times the release signature is connected to the checksum (hash size) of the package. About the check I think that the binaries are obfuscated. Even if you do succeed, Samsung might have special drivers for making the hardware work, meaning that Ubuntu will not work correctly on Tab S6. But if you want to play around, please play around and share the results you don't have to state the obvious.

Not sure if I missed it, but didn't see Linux on Dex in a skip through the video or in the comments. Did I miss a comment on installing Linux on Dex?


Literally the only reason I bought this tablet was for a portable Linux on Dex. Will get it refunded now.

Was considering the Note10+, well, that's a deal breaker.

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I would LOVE to see Tab S6 receives Linux On Dex support! I've tried before on my Galaxy S10 and it's awesome! Actually, my whole point on buying the tablet over the iPad Pro was Linux On Dex to use it on my projects! So disappointed right now! Please, Samsung, hear us out!! 

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