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Samsung Linux on Dex Galaxy Tab S6 availability


Does anyone know as to when the 'Linux on Dex' will be available on Galaxy Tab S6? I looked at the Galaxy store and the Play Store but I did not find anything. Also I downloaded the 1.0.51 beta version from APKMirror but when I started it told me that the device was not compatible and shut down. 

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As an Agile System Engineer, I'm interested too. I choose the tablet to be able to use a quick Linux interface when not at home to run scripts, git push new configuration to my company servers, or ssh/kubectl them for troubleshoot during my Call on Duty periods.


Having Linux on Dex on Galaxy Tab S6 should be a very awesome experience

I wonder the same. I bought the S6 just because of the ability to use Linux on Dex. I got very disapointed when I realized it didn't work. =/

Contacted Samsung support but they could not answer me with certainty if the app will support the tablet. To quote them : 'Apologies, we currently do not have information if and when it will be available on the Tab S6.' . So we just have to wait and see. If anyone from Samsung is around please forward the question to the developers or the department that is responsible for developing the app so that we get a definite or more accurate answer.

As an ex Ubuntuphone Insider, I ask to my contact at Canonical

Same answer from them.

Apparently all is on Samsung side and they work quite slowly and very secretly. So we have to wait. Hoping that the support will be release very soon

That was one of the main selling point for me. Stupidly, I thought the support for Linux on Dex would come directly with the Tab S6...

I also expected the Linux on DeX support to be there as also the more midrange Tab S5e is supported. Sure the Tab S6 wasn't on the supported devices list when I placed my pre-order, but I assumed they just hadn't got around to updating it yet. I sure hope the support arrives soon, as that could make this tablet a real productivity device in addition to an entertainment device. It would such a waste to leave the model where they finally add a touchpad to the keyboard without the Linux on DeX support.

Same here, ready to buy the Tab S6 over iPad Pro because of Linux on Dex, hope to see it soon.

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If you look at the r/linuxondex group on Reddit, people are worried Samsung has dropped the project altogether. There has been total radio silence from Samsung on the project for months, with no news or updates. I too bought the S6 hoping to run Linux, but I'm not going to give up hope yet until after the US version arrives.

Linux on Dex for Galaxy Tab S6 is also a killer feature for me. I would just preorder the device as soon as it's confirmed the feature is availabile. 🙏🏻

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