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Samsung health Calerie Counter

(Topic created on: 05/04/21 20:35)
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Will samsing health be getting a calories counter with a wider selection of foods to search?
My partner and I use Hello fresh food delivery and this is very limited on the Samsung health search bar.
Also a bar code scanner would also be very useful to quick add items of food to the calerie daily recorder. 
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Mobile Apps & Services

Yes, I totally agree with you. Bar code scanner would be brilliant, it saves time and it just so much easier. I know a lot of other competitor brands have a bar code scanner and calories counted and burned information. I'm actually quite shocked that Samsung health doesn't have this on its app, considering as I'd rate Samsung as one of the best brands for technology. I've been looking at buying a galaxy watch 3 to help with my fitness & weight loss but without the calorie counter  and burned information I really don't see the point, especially when there are a lot of other brands that do have them with their watches for a lot cheaper in price. Even if it's not 100% accurate, it really helps to keep ppl on track with their goals.