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Samsung Health & Fiit (Part 2)

(Topic created on: 19-04-2021 11:16 AM)

This app is one of the most frustrating in the world.

Aside from the fact that Samsung keep chopping and changing which features are in, the amount of notifications this app puts out and repeats them is beyond useful and more than annoying.

Screenshot 1Screenshot 1

Screenshot 1 shows a notification for Fiit on the home screen and inside. I acknowledged it, closed the app and went about my day. Just after 12 hours later THE NOTIFICATION IS BACK! Same thing again!

Screenshot 2Screenshot 2

Once again I acknowledged it, closed the app and carried on. Less than 12 hours later the I am notified again of the same ***** thing!

Screenshot 3Screenshot 3

This is on a Note 10 5G, All apps and OS are up to date. There is no issue here with the device as it has been wiped.  There is no issue with any setting within the app or within system notifications.  This is purely the app notification.

Samsung, If I acknowledge an notification and dismiss it, DO NOT notify me again. I get that you've signed a deal with Fiit to push the app but it isn't working. It's pushing loyal customers like me away from you.