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Samsung Galaxy S21 - Issues syncing photographs in Samsung Gallery on OneDrive

(Topic created on: 11-11-2021 09:55 PM)
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I am having an issue with my partners S21 which I'm hoping someone can help with.

We both own identical Samsung Galaxy S21s and both own an office 365 subscription with OneDrive

My S21 is working perfectly with regard to syncing my photographs with our OneDrive account - photographs are synced to the the "Samsung Gallery" folder in the "Pictures" directory on my computer(s). IF I delete a picture on the phone, the photo is deleted on the computer(s) and vice versa.

My partner has this feature activated on their S21 too, however the photos are instead syncing to the "Camera Roll" folder in the "Pictures" directory of the computer(s) in the old fashioned way. If he deletes a picture on the phone, it isn't removed from the computer(s) and vice versa if you delete the picture from the computer(s) it isn't deleted from the phone.

I've looked through the settings and the Samsung Gallery app appears to be setup identical on both our phones.

Does anyone have any suggestions for what we might be missing, or any potential troubleshooting.