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Samsung Galaxy A40 - No sim inserted

(Topic created on: 27-06-2020 04:25 PM)
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For the last 6 weeks; my phone has been showing this message and doing it more frequently.   

I contacted my sim provider who provided a new sim.  Sadly it has continued sporadically display the 'no sim inserted' so no calls can be made and I cannot receive them. 


The concerns for me is I have an elderly, very ill family that call me through out the day as well as the doctors, carers, chemists and family so I cannot have a phone that is not reliable.  I only got this phone in January at to me a very expensive price, this was the most I have ever spent on a phone, so I am extremely disappointed at the moment. 


I did try to resolved this via Chat Live, but they asked me to reboot, which I did, to then try and get back in touch it is now saying too busy, try later and I am now hanging on to their call centre.  I did say to Abigail on live chat that this was my concern, but she said it would be fine!   I have done all that has been suggested, but it is still not working.     


I am so upset now as I feel this is just being brushed off and I am aware numbers of staff are lower, it is a difficult time although with technology I am sure that staff could be set up at home if needed. 


As a careworker myself, my phone is vital to ensure I can provide the support to my clients espcially when an emergency and to my mum.   Has anyone else had the same issue with this happening?



First Poster

I have the same problem with mine since update. I tried different sim providers and it still happened so it is the phone not the sim.