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Samsung Email issues

(Topic created on: 30-08-2020 06:20 PM)
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I have a Note10+ and would like to use the Samsung Email client

I have configured it to point to my gmail email account.

I have many issues:

(1) when i want to move an email reply from my Inbox I have three options (a) Delete (b) Recycle, which is just a delayed delete or (c) Move to All Mail

no matter which one I choose... the whole email chain is deleted from my Sent Items. Even if I put the Deleted email back to the Inbox. That can not be correct... so what am I doing wrong?

(2) if I Star a sent email... the email is also in All Email... and that email also gets a star... so for every mail I star I have TWO starred emails... ??

(3) if I postpone an email on my Samsung phone... the postponed email does not appear on my Samsung S6 tablet. ??


These are very basic features and I've never had an issue with any of them with any email client I used.

So I must be doing something wrong.


Can you comment?