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Samsung cancelled my order in discount after payment

(Topic created on: 28-08-2021 10:39 AM)
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I ordered Samsung Tablet galaxy S7 Plus, I made the payment online through official Samsung website UK. Then I got the acknowledgement and confirmation of the order place. After some time I got another email that order got cancelled and contact support team. After contacting support team they said it got cancelled due to unauthorized payment so get in with the bank, after calling bank I got to know that money is with Samsung they have 7 days to claim the amount then I again contacted Samsung support team and Samsung team said it got cancelled due difference in billing and delivery address but actually both are same. 
I order based on student discount offer and the discount is going to expire in 2days and now when will I get refund and when I buy the same product at same price. 
It's very pathetic to get this service from Samsung. I am not financially strong it's a huge amount invested in and for me it's a very big thing in my life.
I don't understand, Does this is a business strategy 
I hope I will get rightful thing to reconsider my payment revert cancellation at least return my amount immediately as like took amount.