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S9+ chocking ADSL2 bandwidth

(Topic created on: 13-04-2019 01:48 PM)
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Hello Members,

I am using S9+ in Australia and connecting to wifi using my ADSL2 broadband. My provider is DODO and I started getting problem with my ADSL connection after I purchased S9+. When I connect my phone over wi-fi it brings down the whole WiFi and as soon as I turn it off my broadband service starts working. I have tested it and isolated it to my phone. Before I connect my Samsung the network speed shows 15 Mbps speed and as soon as I connect S9+ and redo the test, broadband stops working. Somewhere in the background it is doing high data uploaded over internet. Because ADSL's are designed to be used for download and not upload so my ADSL can't take the load and chokes. I have talked to my ISP and they have  changed my router and asked to check with Samsung support to see if there is a solution for this. For time being I have turned off Samsung cloud, but even then I see data consumption in WiFi data usage.

Can anyone please help me in finding the solution for problem or seaching the culprit app?