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Radio app on Samsung XCover 4s - Can't adjust volume

(Topic created on: 25-02-2021 08:01 PM)
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I have a Samsung XCover 4s which comes with an inbuilt FM Radio and a corresponding Samsung Radio app (version Radio reception is rather poor, worse than on my old and much cheaper Nokia 1.


When the radio app is active, the volume cannot be adjusted. To adjust the volume, the app needs to be pushed into the background, for example by pulling down the notifications. It's really quite terrible that an audio app blocks adjustment of the volume.


So I filed an error report in the app itself: Options > Contact us > Error reports. Despite sending the report, there is now no trace of it although the phone is registered om the Samsung Store. Two questions:


1) Where can I check the status of the error report?

2) Any plans to improve the radio app in the future? I guess the bad reception is caused my the FM chip and can't be improved, but at least adjusting the volume would be a minimum requirement.


Since the radio apps are so hardware specific, you can't just get any old radio app from another phone.

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A little off-topic but could  you check that the FM radio App  receives FM in Stereo?

 Mine doesn't and FM is only Mono and I would like to know if this is a bug or intentional. My old Samsung does receive FM in Stereo but my Xcover 4s won't.