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Problems with music transfer between S9+ and Note 20 Ultra

(Topic created on: 30-08-2020 12:56 AM)
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Have just upgraded from S9+ to Note 20 Ultra. Did all the Smart Switch procedure, no problems, all contacts , SMS, photos etc all great.....but music a different story. Had loaded songs from my PC onto S9+ when I got that a couple years back , had to use Google Play Music to listen to them as no other music player was present on the S9+, my problem now is that even though Google Play Music App HAS transferred, the actual songs have not. Have tried all possible 'Google' solutions to no effect as the songs were never uploaded to the Google Drive, they were / are stored in the S9+ internal memory. I did manage to find them using Samsung My Files, and transferred them over via Bluetooth BUT new phone says no app on this device can play these files. The PC I used a couple years ago has passed into silicone heaven along with the tunes I had on it, so I cannot even re-install onto new device....any ideas please and thanks?