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Pixel Binning and Smart ISO Pro technology Criticised

(Topic created on: 16-02-2021 02:50 AM)
Mobile Apps & Services
Sometimes tecnology innovation on Samsung is good but sometimes it's complicated and not maximum functionality. The product it's not balance as the result.

1. Why does the best Pixel Binning only implement on rear camera? Only one which is working! But the rest is not and moreover it's only work on photo.

The main point of pixel binning is to make photo sharp on low light while in the other hand Software has proved enough to make the similar result. And as functionality nobody will crop a photo too much, that is the deep fusion exists. And moreover Software processor could work on all camera and their features such as portrait and night mode! That is what I call maximum functionality. People will feel the real benefit in their daily driver.

2. I just watch Smart ISO Pro Technology recently. I though wow that was good but when I saw complete video it showed only working on photo but not in video. Sometime you might to learn about the other technology innovation. Example, one of the best company using this method for long time for the best video quality untill now. Their chipset has capability to record 2 different layers, high and low exposure than blending them together. If it record 4k60fps but it's actually record 4k120fps. The result is the better HDR, low noise on low light, smoother video and more important thing is it work for all camera. "Maximum Functionality"

Provide 12Mp Smart ISO Pro censor in all camera is better than combination of pixel binning but only one camera.