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Phone calls

(Topic created on: 26-09-2021 08:28 PM)
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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G- When I make an outgoing(OG) call to my daughters phone#, sometimes it calls her ex-BF's phone. I don't have his phone# saved in my phone as a contact. When I look up his phone# in my phone it says the last OG call to him was 11-2021. But, twice in the last (maybe) 3 months I've selected my daughters phone# to call, either through the call button in the texting app, or through contacts/recent, and her ex-BF answers the call!

I promise they are not together at the time bc once she was home w/ me and he was not there. Lol 

A month or 2 later (9-26-21), I call my daughters phone and he answers again! Not in the same place as my daughter. He said "on his phone it looked like I was calling him". But my phone it said calling Mini (my kids nickname) with her picture from her contact! 

Anyone have this happen before? Is there a fix for it? 

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There's a possibility that your daughter has set up call forwarding to her ex boyfriends number, so when she doesn't have a signal or phone is switched off the call gets redirected to his number.