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PETITION: Samsung is killing core functions in Samsung Health. Make your voice heard!


Samsung Health is an amazing application, both on our beloved Galaxy Phones and Galaxy Smartwatches. However, Samsung intends to terminate core functions in S Health app:

  • Weight management
  • Calorie / food logging
  • Caffeine logging


These changes will come into effect within a month with update v6.11. All data relating to these functions will be deleted.

Similarly, your Galaxy Smartwatch will no longer show or log these features with a new Smartwatch update v4.1.


There are already posts on this topic in this community where people have raised their discontent, but also in other languages and parts of the world. This thread is to voice our opinion.


Samsung Health app without Weight, Calorie logging and Caffeine logging is nothing more than a fancy step-counter. Weight and calorie intake are the core foundation in health.


If you appreciate the Health App and the integration in your phone and smartwatch, consider placing a brief message in this thread.


Let Samsung know that this is the wrong decision and that you care.

Make your voice heard!


@Gui83 wrote:

thank you so much @zippyioa 😇🙏

No problem 😉


Thanks for checking out what is out there. If Samsung doesn't change their minds, I will for sure return the watches and go for a Garmin or a company that actually cares about their product-line. I'll see what I do with the phones. 


In my line of work I've purchased a handful of Samsung Premium Monitors, SSDs, nVMEs and probably dozens of HDDs in the old days. It was actually the HDDs and the monitors that convinced me Samsung was a serious brand and it was the reason why I bought Samsung phones when I left Apple Eco system.


We've updated every phone except for S10 for the entire family. That is four phones since S6 all the way to S20. We've just updated our old smartwatch with new Active 2. They still market the Active 2 as being able to track calorie intake, even though the service will end in less than a month and make it into an expensive step counter.


I think it has been great to teach the kids a good healthy balance in a crazy world. Sure, one can be "naughty" once in a while as long as you don't overdo it. Especially now in COVID times us adults have been able to take long walks, do more sports and see our waist-line shrink. Without the calorie tracker and weight management it would have been hard. You get that "Aha epxierience" when you punch in the items you've consumed and realize the balance you need to achieve.


So apart from feeling ripped of for cash for a service no longer avaiable and getting angry on behalf of Samsung for killing a working and unique integration into a phone and watch, I can't help but ask - what is this decision based on?


Is it stupidity or ignorance? I can't think of any other, except...  maybe the Chinese competitors placed a mole as head of Samsung Health and they want to dismantle the service completely. I've heard both Xiaomi and Huawei have great things coming in the health apps...


I lopen the app after every meal to log it, thinking - how can they possibly kill this app? It makes no sense. What kind of product manager does that?




I agree, removing these features from Samsung Health is a HORRIBLE IDEA.

Samsung, what were you thinking?!?!?

How the heck do you expect us to track our TOTAL HEALTH without weight management, calorie/food-tracking, and caffeine logging??? Samsung Health is the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT APPLICATION associated with the Samsung Wearables and smartphones. It is probably one of the BEST health apps on any smart device, anywhere, by any manufacturer. PLEASE, we urge you to scrap this decision and retain these features!!!!


(P.S. - Pardon my shouting, but I cannot put enough emphasis on this.)


I read the very cryptic news in my Health app today and didn't believe I understood this properly. So I came here. Seems I'm not the only one who is upset and let down.


I was alwasy the fat kid. The alast one to be picked in sports. Two years ago I wanted to change everything as I didn't feel good about myself and what I saw in the mirror. Its not nice knowing that you are lighter than 11% of the population. When I bought a Samsung phone I played around and found the health app. Since then I worked hard and I'm now more or less ripped. Even though my genetics are completely the opposite. I log daily to make sure I stay on target. I'm happy with myself and my girlfriend didn't believe it was me in some old pictures. 


I only have one message to the staff at Samsung Health. Without your app and my smartwatch, I would most likely not be where I am today. Thank you!


But to the people at Samsung who want to shut this service down I have only one thing to say:


are you totally out of your mind???!!!


Well, I've possibly found a way for anyone who is concerned by this change to voice it to Samsung directly.....


Go on Google Play or Apple Store and leave a negative review. I left this review on Google Play with a 1 star score:


"This app USED to be fantastic, but after removing Pulse Ox last year, Samsung are starting to remove food & weight management in some markets. I've bought MANY Samsung products, but this reduction of device functionality after purchase is not acceptable! I was going to upgrade my Note 9, Galaxy Watch & Buds to the Note 20, Galaxy Watch 3 & new Galaxy Buds, but this changed that! Moved to Garmin Fenix 6x Pro, Garmin Connect & Myfitnesspal. Wow, so much better! Now what phone will I buy?"


Within a few days Samsung replied with this:


"We understand how frustrating this is and we have notified our app developers. We hope to have an update with a future release and invite you to check in the (Play/App) store on a regular basis as updates are made frequently. Thank you for reaching out to Samsung Technical Support.”



While it won't necessarily stop the removal of these valuable features in the short term, if enough of us leave negative reviews it will:


a) let us be heard by the app developers

b) show Samsung that customers are unhappy with this change

c) lower the rating score of Samsung Health in the stores and let potential customers see what they are buying into! 


Now, go rate that app 😉



Why are they doing this?

I am also really angry at this and was seeking for a clarification from Samsung. I am getting really tired of companies getting you into their eco system only to remove features (Google for example). I predominately bought my Galaxy watch for the above mentioned features and find them extremely helpful. I even downloaded the v6.10 apk in hope I can run it after Samsung butchers their app. 

I have a Galaxy note 10+ and Galaxy watch. I will be abandoning Samsung for future mobile devices if this change goes through. 

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Big mistake by Samsung...
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I used weight and calorie management to lose about 53 kg (116 pounds). I have no use for the app and the watch without them. I'm currently searching for a new app and a new watch.

Not having calorie management throughout the day means that I will only see how much calories I have to consume, and avoid eating all together because I don't have a way to pace myself.

Please bring it back before I find a replacement 

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Seems to be a very very very dumb choice.  Just updated today in the US and it was gone.  First thing I noticed.  Spent quite a long time trying to figure out where it was hidden, then googled the issue and found the news.  Angry doesn't seem to do justice to how I'm feeling. 


I personally never used caffeine tracker, but I monitored my calorie burned/consumed tracker like a hawk.  I've been using this app for over 3 years.  It saw me through 100 lbs of weight loss.  I've depended on it for so long.  I can't understand why in the world they would remove that.  


What is next, the step counter?  


Samsung!  Get this added back immediately.  

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