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PETITION: Samsung is killing core functions in Samsung Health. Make your voice heard!


Samsung Health is an amazing application, both on our beloved Galaxy Phones and Galaxy Smartwatches. However, Samsung intends to terminate core functions in S Health app:

  • Weight management
  • Calorie / food logging
  • Caffeine logging


These changes will come into effect within a month with update v6.11. All data relating to these functions will be deleted.

Similarly, your Galaxy Smartwatch will no longer show or log these features with a new Smartwatch update v4.1.


There are already posts on this topic in this community where people have raised their discontent, but also in other languages and parts of the world. This thread is to voice our opinion.


Samsung Health app without Weight, Calorie logging and Caffeine logging is nothing more than a fancy step-counter. Weight and calorie intake are the core foundation in health.


If you appreciate the Health App and the integration in your phone and smartwatch, consider placing a brief message in this thread.


Let Samsung know that this is the wrong decision and that you care.

Make your voice heard!

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Bye Samsung ... hello Apple.


I totally agree. If a future update were to remove weight management and food logging functions, that will make both Samsung Health on my Galaxy Note 9 AND the health features on my Galaxy Watch near useless for health tracking.


I have voiced my displeasure about this change directly with Samsung UK via Twitter.

I was told by them that as this is only announced to German customers at the moment, I don't need to worry because it won't affect me in the UK. 


I asked if that could change in the future... The reply was:


"There can be difference between features and services not just between continents, but countries as well. So even if one country loses some features in an app, this doesn't necessarily translate to the rest of Europe or even the UK for that matter.

We would suggest keeping an eye out on your Samsung Health app and the change logs for future Updates to the app, as we would inform our customers if there were to be any changes like this. As it stands, we have no information or news as to whether this will even apply to the UK"


So if I understand it correctly, at this stage, if you don't have a notification of this change in your country then you don't need to worry about it.... for now at least 🤔



I'm afraid it is a matter of time and rolling out the updates and the news.

Germany and Scandinavia got it on the 16th. South Korea as well. South American countries on the 17th. USA on the 18th. I believe India has also recevied the news on the 17th. You would be lucky if they don't change anything in UK, but I wouldn't hold my breath. Usually in big corporations the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. Sometimes customers tell the news to the country managers... Go figure...


Wish you all  the best though.


It took me 7 years to convince my wife to buy a Samsung instead of Apple :face-with-tears-of-joy: and she really was about to buy Note 10 only the lockdown stopped her unfortunately she did buy the watch.

So I feel pretty dumb right now...

Anyway, I still can remember how they tried to lock the access to SD card in my Note 3, a few years later they switched off the oxygen level functionality (I have asthma) and now this...

18kg down, 11kg to go, a year of struggling, and halfway to the goal some ***** decided to make my very expensive tools useless.

So even if they don't change anything in the UK, the damage is done I have no trust and I truly hate Samsung right now, they just lost £2500 every few years. Luckily we are not stuck with contract or credit, we can just change our phones.

By the way, it is really not an easy task to lose a client like me, someone did a really good job.


Sadly I think you are both absolutely right 😒


I've used Samsung products for 10 years & upgrade my phone every 1 or 2 years. I've bought so many Samsung products alongside the phones. To date these include:


Galaxy S2

Galaxy S3

Gear Fit

Galaxy S4

Note 4

Galaxy S7

Gear S3 Frontier

Note 9

Galaxy Watch

Galaxy Buds

Samsung wireless duo charger

Samsung portable wireless battery

Samsung TV

Dual Flex Smart Oven


To say I am brand loyal is an understatement!


I WAS planning on upgrading to a Note 20 & Galaxy Watch 3 in early August.


Unfortunately, these changes leave glaring omissions in Samsung Health which, in effect breaks its usefulness and will stop me from using it. After several months bedbound with severe sciatica last January I gained lots of weight (meds & inactivity weren't good for me).

Using activity tracking, food logging and weight management features in Samsung Health has helped me to lose almost 2 stone over the last year!! These very features and the metrics they produce have really helped me to manage my weight...... I need this information to maintain that! 


Worse still, the step/food/calorie management alternatives when using Galaxy Watch as a fitness tracker are absolutely appaling.....  having spent many days looking since this change was announced, I could not find a way to get food, calories, exercise, weight and sleep data together (I tried using numerous apps and syncing data back to Samsung Health, but it just wouldn't work) 


The future with Samsung devices from a health and fitness point of view looks very bleak once these changes happen....... so....... 




At the weekend I decided it was time to make a pre-emptive jump away from Samsung (albeit sadly) after many happy years 😭


I upgraded my Galaxy Watch to a Garmin Fenix 6X Pro (which Amazon UK had a great deal on).


I can now use My Fitness Pal for food tracking and that syncs calories etc perfectly into the amazing Garmin Connect app and my new Garmin Fenix (both the app and phone collect information and display steps, activities, weight, sleep, stress and many other things)

On a side note, so far Garmin Body Battery (which tells you your energy levels throughout the day based on various metrics) is amazingly accurate! After just a few days of getting to know me I think it already knows me better than Samsung did after years 🤣


While it's early days, and I am yet to learn how to use some of the features, it is already clear that the amount of information and quality of the data collected (and how its displayed in Garmin Connect!) is MUCH better than the Samsung Health app!


So, in summary, you've let us all down Samsung, but thank you for making me look elsewhere, there is a much better world out there 👍😉


Now I need to look at which phone to upgrade to........ will it be from Samsung...... the brand I've bought every year for years, or do I take my new found freedom and move to a handset from Google, OnePlus, Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo....... Apple 🤔


Here's my new wrist partner.... the Garmin Fenix 6x pro 😁




Je suis en France et j'ai reçu la notification concernant l'arrêt des services de gestion du poids, des calories et de la caféine.

Depuis 1 mois et demi en plus de mon galaxy note 10+ j'ai acheté une galaxy watch. J'ai réussi à perdre 13 kg! Grace à la rigueur mais aussi grâce aux technologies que propose Samsung. S'il vous plaît Samsung, n'abandonnez pas les fonctions utiles, montrez nous l'exemple pour que nous aussi nous puissions ne jamais abandonner !

Merci à l'auteur pour l'initiative de cette pétition : )


Here is the comment above, very roughly translated to English for those who don't speak French 😉🇫🇷🇬🇧


I am in France and have received the notification regarding the discontinuation of weight management services, calories and caffeine. For 1 month and a half in addition to my Galaxy Note 10+ I bought a Galaxy Watch. I managed to lose 13 kg! Thanks to rigor but also thanks to the technologies offered by Samsung. Please Samsung don't give up useful functions, show us by example so that we too can never give up! Thanks to the author for the initiative of this petition:)


thank you so much @zippyioa 😇🙏

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OMG! This is so upsetting. 

I love the app and I'm a health instructor. One of the first things we tell the people who want to join the weightloss group is to use their phones and log every meal. It doesn't matter if you burn 500 Kcal and then stuff yourself with 800 Kcal!


Samsung has been my go-to phone since several years because of the Health App together with my Galaxy Sport watch I love. Many people who don't have iPhones have Samsung and it has been very intuitive to them. 


I've tried other applications, but this comes in so handy. It's just there and you don't need any advanced stuff to just balance your calories. Not to mention the caffeine!


Even the new period tracker works okay.


This must be a mistake??? Right?


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