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OneDrive synco

(Topic created on: 06-09-2020 01:17 PM)

I have a Samsung A9 with SD-card for pictures and an active OneDrive app. I had the camera-upload to OneDrive activated, which ran perfectly. Then a pop-up from the Samsung Gallery app was requesting to sync the gallery to OneDrive, which I accepted. But now it seems that the gallery sync does not support SD-card pictures. So I removed the Samsung Account on the Microsoft security page, as I could no longer select the camera upload. But the camera upload remains de-actived. 

I do not understand why the Samsung Gallery sync does not support SD-card pictures. On which hard drive that I save my pictures, should not have any influence on the cloud upload. Neither do I understand why camera-upload is deactivated after removal of the Samsung account on Microsoft. 

Could you please help me but I'm afraid that I'll loose my holiday pictures this way. And no, I'm not planning to put the pictures on my smartphone and running out of memory, just for cloud storage