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Nuisance phonecalls

(Topic created on: 31-05-2023 03:03 PM)
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Hi, can some one help me, im desperate, I'm getting 40-50 phone calls & voice mails , every day, im really sick of it, im disabled & I am autistic & have adhd , fibromyalgia & its causing mme so much stress . I keep blocking the exact same number, but somehow they can still ring & leave voice mails , daily 😪 im missing very important calls, from hospital & there's so many to go through to find the hospital voice mail. I really need help guys , please can you tell me what I could do ? 🙏 I really would appreciate it. Thank you Rachy 
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Hi @RaChY88888  Are you using the onboard Hiya Spam Blocker.  With Caller ID and Spam Protection on option to Block all Spam/scam calls or only  the high Risk ones.  Blocking all though could possibly filter out some desired ones.  Go to phone-Settings-Call Settings to toggle this on.  some alternatives here if you think you need to try something else. 

Is your mobile number also registered with the Telephone preference society , doing so should  cut down a lot of unsolicited sales and marketing calls. personally I get few spam/scam calls with just Hiya/TPS  enabled,obviously though some will not be so fortunate and realise it is a worry.

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