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No way to see recipient's e-mail adresses on Samsung Email


Quite bad feature by Samsung Email. Recipient addresses CANNOT be revealed.

It just shows the "aliases".


On clicking over the "aliases" there are options to copy address or put it in contacts.


One must be able to see exactly the addresses of senders. It is the first step to detect PHISHING or SPAM mail!


Cannot believe, I am the only one with this problem by Samsung E-mail.

Hi. I've found clicking recipients email until it copies is the only way, this way you get a flash of the addy and if your quick you can see it, agree badly made. Hope this helps, j
Hi! Thanks for your reply!

Things must change.
It is a important matter. One MUST be able to keep control over Email which reach his email-account, and FASTLY decide if it is good or not.
Every day we get bombed with phishing emails, and get to be victims HELPED BY SAMSUNG!

Does SAMSUNG development keeps an eye on these threads, or am I losing my time here?

A solution must be implemented as a feature!

Best regards,
I agree Alex, Samsung seem to ignore real questions, or should I say their mistakes. I have bombarded them with emails, called Samsung and also gone via members and via app developers... If its a question or suggestion and they don't like, they ignore it. Might answer this now I've said that. The other option is to download a 3rd party email I have had to do with AOD...but would still like it to be direct and smooth from Samsung. Crazy, not a cheap phone and can't see recipients email address or have a light that stays on until notification is read...its a bit like having a cake and not being able to eat it, because its just not finished. I work nights, and can't turn on a screen to check phone, hence desperate for a noticication that stays on, not juuts a pretty CALIPSO flash and done... Rant over...have a good one Alex

How is this not addressed asap is beyond me. 😕

Phone is good product, but totally agree.on this.
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