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Missing handwritten notes in Samsung Notes App

(Topic created on: 23-02-2022 08:29 AM)
Hanif Kamal
First Poster

Hello, I'm a new user of the Samsung Tab A 2019 with s pen (P205). I use my tablet for handwritten note taking while in class. I have a problem where after I close the notes, when I open it again my handwriting is missing (blank page). But when I view it in the folder page, my notes are there on the thumbnail of the note.

I can only view the notes by zooming in and waiting for it to load (took about 15 seconds every time). But if I move the notes (scroll up, down, or zoom out), the page turned blank again. The only solution I've come up with to view the notes freely currently is to save it as a picture and view it via the gallery. But this means that I can't edit my notes anymore (since I can't view it through the Samsung Notes App).

How do I fix this? Thank you