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Members Update Recommendations

(Topic created on: 11-09-2021 03:13 PM)
Big Cheese
Mobile Apps & Services
Hi all,

Got two update ideas to share with you guys:

> Please Samsung; can we have the ability to search through our posts , comments and followers as well as people we are following (also applies when viewing g other user's profiles)? Helps with filtering what/who you are looking for, especially if a user has made a lot of posts, plus it makes things nice and organised😉. In addition, maybe some sort of filtering system built-in (by level of user, a-z, z-a, date oldest/newest, etc.), as an add-on to the search function. Thanks Samsung!😁
> Can we have the ability to schedule posts and comments please, similar to the feature in the Samsung messages app? Double thanks, Samsung 😊!