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Members App Update Log!

(Topic created on: 16-11-2021 08:06 AM)
Big Cheese
So, the Members app has had a complete overhaul, but the description of 'what's new' on the Galaxy Store doesn't really do this justice! As a result, I've listed some below, but please add your own and share your thoughts, where possible!😁

Changes made:
> Text font and spacing.
> Suggestions of other posts added on some posts (not sure how these are added exactly)
> Complete overhaul of the layout;
- To find other community posts, you now select the middle tab labelled 'community'. From there, you can filter and sort the type of content you are searching for😉.
- To perform diagnostics on your phone, choose the 'get help' tab.
- To find direct messages/your bookmarks, posts and comments, go to the community tab, then select your profile picture at the top of the page.
- On posts, if you click the three dots at the top right, you can see 'members who like this post'.