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Major Privacy Issue

(Topic created on: 20-01-2021 12:54 AM)
Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a community for specific Samsung apps other than pay and a few others so here it is.

I have completely disabled sync of contacts from outlook in the Samsung contacts app and yet even after clearing all the storage for the contacts app and the contacts storage app and confirming that still my outlook contacts are not set to sync, the Samsung contacts app still goes and gets my outlook contacts anyway. I specifically prohibit that action. This is a major privacy flaw. I do not want those contacts brought to my phone especially since there are a number of other apps that might use them if I am not careful to check permissions from time to time 

Once they have your contacts they sell them and do whatever they like with them. They build their own internal Facebook for ads etc. It's enough, it's 2021. People are sick of this!

Please fix ASAP else I will feel I have no choice except to contact the data commissioner.

Hi @terraslateuk ,


that doesn't seem right to me. I have been testing this on my phone (an S20+ 5G) and I have been unable to replicate this. I do have the Contacts sync disabled as the app is not collecting my contacts from my Outlook. Can you please tell me what phone and software version are you using? You can check this from the phone's Settings> About phone> Software information. Is this happening with any other app contacts?