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Latest pie update

(Topic created on: 22-03-2019 06:38 PM)

I updated my S8 on Monday and I now hate my phone. This is the worst operating platform for an android. I actually am now going to go back to apple IOS.  Features I had are now gone like screen share icon while using internet. ALSO it's hard to use phone,messages,internet (icons /bookmarks at bottom all changed and moved) and you can,t switch to vr like before. Samsung should go back to old system or at least let me choose the type of display, I paid for this phone and it was brilliant but not now. WORST UPDATE EVER.

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I agree ive tried to get used to it but everyday i just get frustrated and feel ripped off. If i wanted my phone to look like this i wouldve bought a 100 dollar phone not a 1000 dollar phone. It might seem extreme but I basically want a refund. My phone is no longer flash and sophisticated it is now a box of crayons. And its not just the looks theres soo many functions i used that have changed or are straight up unavailable which is what im most mad about. Its actually so bad im wondering if they did it to make the s10s look flasher or do they look like this too because that would be hilarious.

Feel the same way ~ i had a really nice slick device that was easy to use and all the functions worked great. I feel like chucking at a wall ..crappiest update EVER

I'm just here to add my sentiments that my Galaxy S8+ is now appealing to a much younger audience than myself. You took away features that were selling points and were the very reason I have been a Galaxy customer since the S5. Why?


I can't change my messages background anymore and am stuck with a bland looking white background. If I wanted to live in an Orwellian state I would have purchased an iPhone.


The icons look like a toddler designed them. What are you doing? Have you decided all of a sudden to become the blackberry of the touchscreen era? Why are you reverting to antiquated design and programming "features".


You basically turned this handheld super computer into an Oregon Trail interface from 1986. F#$k you Samsung.