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Is this phishing?

(Topic created on: 06-01-2023 09:51 PM)
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About a month ago I received an email from Samsung asking to update my information, since it is suspected that I am a minor, when I go to my information I realize that I have registered my date of birth correctly (I am 21) so I did not pay much attention to said email. I recently received another email telling me that my account will be deleted shortly. I don't know what to do, does anyone know how I can clarify it?

The emails says:

"SAMSUNG Account
Your Samsung account will be deleted in
Dear Customer:
This is the last notice of deletion of your account
We're sorry you're leaving us. If you have not received our previous requests to update your data to make sure we have accurate information about your age, you can refer to the site indicated below.  Otherwise your account will be deleted from our system within 7 days and you will no longer be able to use Samsung services associated with this account
If you do not want to keep your Samsung account, we will
We recommend making a backup of your data on a different storage unit, request a refund (if necessary) and take appropriate measures before have your account deleted.
If you need help managing the your Samsung account information, contact the service

Update information

Note: Do not reply to this email. If you have any questions, please contact us through our website:"

It should be noted that gmail says that the sender did not encrypt the mail




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what is this joe