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Inappropriate ads in Samsung Game Launcher

(Topic created on: 17-12-2022 01:18 PM)
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I wonder if anyone can help me. I've recently started getting NSFW/softcore pornographic ads on the home page of the game launcher. It makes it awkward for me to play on my phone during my lunch break at work or when I'm with my family, and really, I just don't want to see that kind of content.

I don't have any games with NSFW content, nor do I use my phone to access any of that stuff on the internet.

How can I stop and/or report these kinds of ads? I worry that if I'm getting them, children are probably being exposed to this stuff on their devices too. 

Galaxy S22+

Screenshot_20221217_121059_Game Launcher.jpg

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Double check in game launcher settings. Make sure you turn off everything in ads privacy settings. You can also toggle off get news and special offers.
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I literally came here for the same reason. Ads depicting abuse...just so inappropriate that I cannot allow my kids to play innocent games as they pop up constantly. I actually can't even believe they are allowed!
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Hi, try contacting the apps developer via the playstore with an email about your complaint.
I've a similar thing like that on YouTube shorts commercial, I always report them, so I understand your frustration, very inappropriate.