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[In-Depth Look #4] More Powerful, More Personal: Bixby on the Galaxy S10

(Topic created on: 15-03-2019 02:53 PM)
Black Belt 

Since introducing Bixby alongside the Galaxy S8 and S8+, Samsung Electronics has continuously enriched its AI platform with enhancements that have made it more intuitive, intelligent, and useful to users.


Now, with the introduction of the Galaxy S10 line, Samsung has taken Bixby to the next level – introducing new capabilities to Bixby Voice and Bixby Vision, as well as more ways to make users’ lives easier with personalized Bixby Routines.


Let’s take a closer look at how Bixby’s newest tools will help you streamline your day.


Simplify Your Routine

We all have our routines that help us manage our day, and time is, of course, precious. That’s why Samsung developed Bixby Routines – a clever feature that allows Bixby to learn your unique routines and recommend ways to save more time.


Bixby Routines utilizes machine learning to analyze your personal patterns and preferences based on how you use your phone. It uses that insight to suggest easily configurable routines – incorporating specific native apps, settings or features – that can instantly automate multiple tasks to make your life easier.


In addition to offering nine convenient preset options, Bixby Routines presents you with up to six personalized routines – based on how you use your phone at certain times and places – that minimize the steps required to get things done. For example, when you go to bed, your Galaxy S10 may run your personal “Before Bed” routine, which may include automatically turning on Night Mode, lowering the brightness, and muting sound. It’s as simple – and convenient – as that.GalaxyS10_InDepth_Bixby_main_1


Instant Insight with Bixby Vision

Featuring a built-in AI that provides better image recognition and is capable of recognizing a wide range of objects, the camera’s enhanced Bixby Vision function places all-new AR capabilities at users’ fingertips.


Bixby Vision’s expanded Lens Mode features a variety of image-recognition options, including a new Wish List option. When you see a product you’re interested in buying, Wish List makes it easy to save it for later reference.


The new Apps Mode offers users more convenient ways to utilize AR in their everyday lives. Use it to, for instance, virtually try on a new pair of sunglasses or some new makeup, or see how your hair would look dyed, or how your living space would look if you added an appliance or piece of furniture that you’re interested in buying.


Apps Mode also makes it easy to learn more about movies you’re interested in through its new Picture Play feature. When you see a poster for an upcoming release, simply show it to Bixby and it’ll instantly play the trailer.




Hands-Free Convenience

Galaxy device users are used to asking Bixby to help them search the web, make a reservation, or launch an app when their hands are full. Now, Bixby’s new Voice Unlock feature allows you to activate and interact with Bixby when your phone is locked for an even more comfortable user experience.


Bixby Voice Unlock creates a convenient way to utilize Bixby when your phone is out of reach. Say you’re in the middle of making dinner and you need to double check exactly how much of a particular ingredient the recipe calls for. With Bixby Voice Unlock, rather than smudging up your screen with sauce and bits of food, you can simply say “Hi Bixby” to unlock your phone, and then ask Bixby to pull up the recipe for you.GalaxyS10_InDepth_Bixby_main_3_F


Make Bixby Your Own

To offer users more freedom to utilize Bixby’s handy button, the Galaxy S10 introduces Bixby Key Customization. Now, you can customize the button to launch Bixby with either a single or double press, and map the other option to launch your favorite app or Quick command. It’s just another convenient way to make Bixby your own.GalaxyS10_InDepth_Bixby_main_4


Speaking of Quick commands, Bixby’s update also makes it easy to share customized Quick commands with your friends.


Quick commands make using Bixby even more convenient by allowing you to replace one or more commands with a simple word or phrase. The opportunities for personalization are endless, and your Quick commands can also be saved as shortcut icons on your phone’s home screen for easy access.6 This is especially useful in situations when you’d rather not speak out loud. So for example, when you’re heading into a theater, if you tap the icon for your “Movie Time” Quick command, Bixby will instantly switch your phone to silent mode, turn on “Do not disturb,” reduce brightness completely, and turn off the screen so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the film without interruptions.


And now, with the Galaxy S10, if you’ve crafted the perfect Quick command and you want to send it to someone else, you can simply tap “share” to instantly send it as a link via text message or messaging app.


I love those updates, can't wait until it gets released for the S9 Series :smiling-face:
First Poster

Really enjoying quick commands. One helpful tweak would be to allow unedited Bixby commands to run faster by bypassing the command-to-action recognition step after the first time of running. For instance, my wake-up quick command of "good morning" triggers 7 commands for Bixby to carry out but since these are the same everyday, Bixby should learn to just chain the 7 resulting actions together after hearing the initial voice command rather than re-processing each of the 7 individual commands everytime.