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I'm trying to embrace Bixby but Samsung doesn't make it easy.

(Topic created on: 27-12-2021 09:25 AM)
So, seeing as there is no Google Assistant in sight for the Galaxy Watch 4 I've decided to at least try with Bixby.  I've never really stuck it out previously as Google Assistant has always been the better of the two Assistants, and right away I've come across a glaring issue....... WhatsApp!!
Now good ol' Bixby can type the WhatsApp message for me and place it in the app ready to send to the correct contact but that seems to be where the support ends. Despite Bixby asking me to "Confirm and Send" it doesn't actually send, the message sits there on my screen waiting for me to click the little green AahtsApp send button. This wouldn't be a huge issue if ya just wanted to dictate your message via Bixby, but, I usually use voice assistants while driving so I shouldn't be reaching over to tap anything on my phone screen, ya know, with the risk of a car accident which could injure or even kill me or others because I took my eyes of the road to tap a button on my phone.
The ability to send a message (in whchever messaging app you need to) without actually touching my phone surely must be a stock feature for any smart digital assistant and yet Bixby falls short right away.
Come on Samsung, either give Bixby the overhaul it needs to compete or sort out getting Google Assistant on the Galaxy Watch 4.
(Just as a caveat for those reading this who are about to tell me about sideloading a fake version of GA, that's not what I'm looking for. In 2021 - soon to be 2022 - we shouldn't have to revert to fake apps to do the things the legitimate apps should be able to do. Oh and any Samsung employee who might tell me I can download G-Voice Assistant like they did on Twitter, it's not available for the Galaxy Watch 4).
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I agree with you. Also, the biggest problem im running into is navigation when I try to ask Bixby "to navigate to x" she will reply back with "there aren't any navigation capsules available".

I mean I'd argue that using your phone even without touching it is the risk factor. but if you switch to android auto ie car mode then you won't have the issue.