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Hybrid modern authentication supported?

(Topic created on: 25-01-2021 08:40 PM)
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My organization uses an Exchange 2019 hybrid setup. Legacy (basic) authentication is disabled both in the cloud and on-premises. I am trying to configure our Samsung phones (S8, S9, S21) to use hybrid modern authentication with our on-premise Exchange 2019 server.

I am doing the following:

- Settings > Accounts > Add > select account type "Email"

- Office 365 > logon using a user credential, user has their mailbox on-premise

- Could not verify account


I am able to add the very same account to Outlook for Android on the same phones, and I can even add the same account as a Gmail app backed "Exchange" account type as well. I also have no trouble adding the account to ios's native accounts app. Using the "Email" account type with mailboxes residing in the cloud also works.

The Samsung Email app has been consented permissions by the tenant admin, and the Azure AD log shows successful logons when the above symptom happens.

I am wondering, does the Samsung email/contacts/calendar app support hybrid modern auth?

How can I add my hybrid modern auth account to the phone so that I can use the Samsung Email app with it?

Brett B
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Facing similar challenges, just wondering if you were able to get any further with this (or found it's just not possible)? Thanks!

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Hello!  Sure love to see a response to this item.  How to setup the native andoid app (which is great) on a Samsung device using modern authentication.  Likely a topic many are interested in as Microsoft is turning down basic authentication on Office 365 later this calendar year.