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Google Pay on Samsung Watch?

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I have got OnePlus 3T and I want to buy new Samsung Watch 46mm. The only thing that stops me - I can't install Google Pay on Samsung Watch! WHY??? I want to pay by NFC, but I don't like Samsung phones (to use Samsung Pay)... 


I use a Galaxy S3 with my Pixel 2. I had the same problem, banking with Lloyds. I opened an HSBC account because it is supported. My issue is a general lack of acceptance of Samsung Pay in the shops. It's hard to tell if Samsung Pay is accepted as they often don't have a label for it. It's quite embarassing to try to pay with your watch (which often attracts attention) only for the terminal not to recognise it.


I'm waiting for Google to release a watch and switch to Google Pay.

I'm not sure where you live but in the UK it's very simple. If you have Samsung pay set up and the retailer has a contactless card reader it will work. There is nothing intrinsically different between google pay or Samsung pay.

I have not come across any stores where google pay would work and samsung wouldn't.

I'm from the UK, I tried to set up a Samsung pay account for a family member on their Samsung phone and because they was with Halifax that bank isn't supported with Samsung Pay so they have a Google pay account instead.

That's interesting. I'll have another go but it was either Tesco or ASDA, both of whom accept Google Pay, that didn't accept payment from my S3. It also didn't work in my local pub, until recently, but I often payed with my Android phone.

I just checked and my S3 definitely doesn't work at my local ASDA but my Pixel 2 does. So clearly Samsung Pay is not available everywhere Google Pay is.

It would be so bad except  Samsung  started inserting ads at the time of purchase interrupting my point-of-sale experience that's a showstopper

Samsung doesnt care about Canadian debit customers, i have been asking for months when it would be supported on galaxy watch and the answer is keep checking back for updates!   That just doesnt cut the mustard for me, i listed my galaxy watch for sale last week.

I don't understand why this issue is flagged as solved. Samsung Pay does not support major banks like Natwest or Barclays reason why I need to use Google Pay instead. If Google Pay cannot work with the Galaxy Watch Active, I will simply return it as useless to me. Same for my professional email, which is google as well

Sorry I live in the UK and Samsung Pay does support none of my banks Natwest and Barclays. I will not change my banks because of a watch... however Google Pay supports both and works on every terminal. I use it from my Galaxy s10 plus many times a day and I cannot understand why the watch has so limited compatibility. I am returning it, I'm afraid

But how do you set it up if you don't have a Samsung phone ?

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